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Kenny Shiels & Glory Hunters

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No way, they should ken by five, every time a Rangers player appears on the news or whatever on the telly me and the loon point at the telly and shout 'hun, hun, hun, hun'.


He was looking at his Match Atax album thing yesterday, bought him a couple of packets of the cards, he's opening them, chucks Stokes on the floor, and says 'tattie muncher. Disgusting'.


Made my heart swell thon.


We've taken to flushing the Rangers Match Atax down the bog, or on 5 Nov we attached Lafferty and Davis to a firework before lighting her up and letting rip.

i think your joking but i asked my son if santa brought him a rangers top, would you wear it? No way he replied so i asked why not? Because their huns

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Kenny Shiels has criticised SPL bosses for scheduling Celtic to play tomorrow at lunchtime.


Fresh from their midweek Champions League exertions in which they booked their place in the last 16, Neil Lennon's Hoops travel to Kilmarnock for a 12.30pm kick-off.


And Shiels believes that if we want SPL teams to prosper in European football, they have to be given a helping hand.


"I think it is unfair to expect them to come and play here at lunchtime," he said. "I also thought it was unfair to have them play against Arbroath in the Scottish Cup last weekend.


"The bottom line is that they are our representatives in Europe. The league should be proud of them for going through into the final 16 of the Champions League

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