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Rangers V Aberdeen

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Three possibilities:


1/ Good dons opener missing a couple of chances then caught on the sucker punch. 2-0 half time, game over with good chance Arnie or Considine sent off early 2nd half. Standard old firm fare.


2/ Frail confidence plus Nae width versus a winger with a point to prove. Don't even want to think about it.


3/ Dons have a go, get stuck in, keep the score at 0-0 or even nick something off Vernon's arse then with 10 mins to go, Arnie taking the piss by actually telling players to keep possession and don't go deep, then let those 40,000 supportive 'loyalists' do the rest.


Hunch. 1/, possibly 3/.


What about the wee winger (name escapes me) for an out ball and to run at them. High balls to Vernon like yesterday, waste of fecn time.

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In or Out: In

Pre-match: Driving down

Post-match: Some bar in the weege

Attendance: A sell out Red corner with several thousand scummy minkers surrounding us.

Score: 2-1 Reds. Last minute goal by Mo Chalali


Need to have Ozzy and Reynolds as full backs and keep Clark out of the starting 11 if we are going to stand a chance.

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Guest the shepherd

You never know, I'd say we're looking better than we were in August when we missed two golden chances to score.

Aye your right we are looking better than we did when we last played the scum doon there back in August. Badly need Robert Milsom and Isaac Osbourne back though if we are going to do the business at long, long last. Clark and McArdle to make way.

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In or Out: I couldn't be any more in!

Pre-match: Plean with the Ullevi Dons

Post-match: Celebrating in toon so much I forget the whole game! Not a chance actually, if we do win, I'll be on the schnaaps and lemonade all night in case I DO forget the game...

Attendance: 40,000 greetin scumbags and us.

Score: Rangers Y - X Aberdeen and as long as X is equal to or greater than Y I shall be a happy person.

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"I know it is hard going to Ibrox and we haven't won there in so many years but if we play the way we can we have a chance," he added.


"It has been a long time since we won there and we would be delighted to even come away with a draw.


"I think that's what we're aiming for but who is to say we can't go down there and win."


From Considine & thank you Craig Brown for installing this type of attitude in our new Captain..



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