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New Away Kit

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Only one out of the Adidas teamwear catalogue which would fit the black & gold description, however the 'gold' is described as sunshine by Adidas.

Don't think so. It seems to have a gold chest and a black sleeve.



I think it looks like a 4 part stripe like we had before with Nike.

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A guy put this on his Facebook:




However, after sending it to another friend - they have already stated there will be 3 black stripes in connection with the one which was released 75 years ago as the club stated this to be the case.


So.............this now has me believing it is a photoshop, so meh - we'll find out tomorrow.



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Not suggesting it is the kit as it is quite obviously a photoshop, although it would be a classic.


There's an adidas template similar to that one at the moment though (the one Hearts have for their home and away strips this coming season) which would have been a great choice for the black and gold. However the picture of Fallon seems to show a black collar and then a larger gold patch underneath meaning it won't be that template.

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