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New Away Kit

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We normally change tops when play Motherwell, United and Hearts away. Now the away top will clash more with strips of Motherwell and United and black is more of clash with the maroon of Hearts than red would be.


We'll probably just wear last season's white away kit in those instances.


Sure we have done that before.

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A guy put this on his Facebook:




However, after sending it to another friend - they have already stated there will be 3 black stripes in connection with the one which was released 75 years ago as the club stated this to be the case.


So.............this now has me believing it is a photoshop, so meh - we'll find out tomorrow.



In fact, the one in the AFC.co.uk pic looks like the reverse of the first "photoshop" pic.


For what it's worth, I think it's horrible. I'll probably still get it, but it won't be getting bought tonight!





New Away Kit


Looks like the guy on Facebook wasn't far off



I'd say my guess was pretty funking close!

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