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It Was Acceptable In The 80's


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Having a milkman...



...called 'Billy the Milk'. :hysterical:


Yeah milkmen, wtf happened to them? Can't remember last time I saw a milk float. Always used to think of Bob Geldolf nicking a pint of milk when I saw one.


Used to have coal men, insurance men, Tupperware men etc. all sorts of folk used to turn up at your door of an evening back then.


Apparently Avon ladies are still on the go... :dontknow:

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Slightly off topic but the best van livery I've ever seen was for a guy called 'Dave The Carpet'.


It was emblazoned right across his Transit. Seen it when I lived in manc. No idea what he did for a living...


Best I've seen is


"Got Poop? We Scoop!"


It's a service which will come and scrape shite off the ground in exchange for cash.


Thinking about taking a shit somewhere then hiring these guys just so I can laugh at them


Fair enough, they're just trying to earn a living, but I'm not that sympathetic. They scrape shite off the ground for a living... and it's a franchise, so you can get a startup if that's something that interests any of you lads.


I'm thinking I'll demand they lick it up rather than use whatever implement they were planning to use... and I'll be a little drunk by the time they arrive. Probably with my keks still round my ankles, so they know what they're scraping up.


Maybe taunt them, flick them on the back of the head... that sort of thing.

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