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It Was Acceptable In The 80's


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Watching The Dons train at Seaton Park training and whilst wearing you Dons trackie pretending you were involved by executing a killer pass back to Alex Ferguson cos Ian Scanlon had blootered it miles wide and hoping Fergie would invite you to sign up


Also attending Aberdeen International Football Festival and watching the local slags throw themselves at young football players from Dundee, doon south and foreign lands but worse still Paul Gascoigne


Telling your thick mates a place awaits them at Beechwood School


Visiting your great, great granny in Kingseat Hospital and seeing mad auld folk handcuffed to radiators, now its just termed dementia


Renting Texas Chainsaw Massacre on VHS from Video Shuttle and getting a few mates round to your parent free house but getting annoyed cos the lassies pissed off cos they were too feart


Listening to John Motson telling us that Englands forward line of Woodcock & Withe will surely be too powerful for the young and inexperienced Scottish centre back pairing of Miller & McLeish but within 2 minutes highlighting how ferocious Millers tackle on Woodcock was, hud at


Dreaming of scuttling Joanna Lumley (still acceptable btw)

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Tiny wee red spiders, don't see those any more.


Attempting to make walkie-talkies using old cans and bits of string.


Going around building sites late evening to pinch all the empties so you could take them back to the local shop at 10p a bottle.


Games of hide-n-seek that took in the entire neighbourhood and lasted 7 hours, without anyone's parents phoning the cops because they thought you'd been abducted.

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Giving yourself an injection for life when the class minker came into your zone incase you caught the jandies.


Not knowing what Jandies is.

C'mon now Mr Pipes. You, me, the whole crowd know what the jandies are all about. And we've just got to live with them. The sores heal after a while, dinna worry.

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