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Yeah yeah, we've got a cup game first but I'm worried about Ryan Fraser for this one.


Tim Clancy is a dirty fucker & will have him down inside 10 mins I think. I just hope his first tackle isn't too bad & the ref gives Fraser adequate protection.


Tim Clancy is slow & dirty & Fraser will skin him, I have no doubt of that but Clancy will either give him a good knock early to try & get him under control, or he'll just take him out, out of frustration.

We've all been thinking it's only a matter of time before someone really hurts the lad & I fear that Clancy is the one that will do it. Hope I'm wrong obviously.

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Hibs seem to be scoring for fun just now, pace they have is always a concern.


All down to team selection. Positive formation, personel and this should be winable.!!!!


Was down in Edinburgh on Saturday so took in the Hibs game and while they look decent going forward my feeling is Hayes/Fraser will murder Clancy/Maybury.

I also think too many people are jumping on the hibs are the real deal thing.trust me it is defo a winnable game.

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It looks like I'll be in for this one. Me + 1.


A mate from London, who is a Gooner. I'm absolutely not looking forward to his opinions on this at all.


You'll be surprised, he'll go into it with with zero expectations, therefore he'll enjoy it more than you think, he'll still say it's shite though.


I'm out for this one, is it ESPN?

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