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Where The Hell Did That Come From Last Night

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How to turn a thread around in one minute :laughing::laughing:


I've never said a bad word about you Bebo!



I wouldn't have approved the account normally due to the clear intent of their username to troll, but i couldn't believe my luck when it traced back to a fart fetish site.


So i just had to wait for the predictable topic to be made.

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to be fair, I didn't care much for the humour content of what you just said, but I agree with your sentiment


what makes this comedic genius, is that he's not been seen since


id LOVE to know what he's doing right now

I'm nae surprised, it was poor. Nae time to waste on analogies. Dinner's oot!

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All joking aside, I just want the OP to be careful out there when he's doing his demented fart-sniffing-as-a-means-to-shoot-a-sad-yellowy-dribbling-load thing. People have died from reckless huffing.


Ralph Santiago, 31, was found dead in the men’s toilets of the building he worked wearing Wellington boots, a wetsuit and gas mask.


'Mon the Celts, mate...



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