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Where The Hell Did That Come From Last Night

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time we stuck to shagging sheep than trying to complete with celtic.






I believe it's spelled pliceless


i dont know what your on about



Let's put this in simple terms.


You come on here trying to be a smart cunt but





I wouldn't have approved the account normally due to the clear intent of their username to troll, but i couldn't believe my luck when it traced back to a fart fetish site.


So i just had to wait for the predictable topic to be made.



what do you expect that I'm going to hang around after that? its was a molligation the guy bebo owned me nothing I can do. its harmless I have a gf whos cool with it, theres a lot worse out there.


When I read your first post I thought you were just full of hot air but it turns out you have been a real blast. What a gas.

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You register with an email address - all Bebo did was a google search for the email address. he had posted his email address on a couple of - "Ahem" - forums which google finds.


Ive fired my email addresses straight in and got well not a lot really I feel quite boring now. Got about a page of results about me using my name which was quite scarey

What happens if you google search for google? Bet that fkrs searched some weird shit.

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