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Sivert Heltne Nilsen

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We received an inquiry from Aberdeen who wanted to buy Sivert.  After an overall assessment, we have chosen to accept the offer ,says sporting manager at Brann, Per-Ove Ludvigsen.  Heltne Nilsen has been Brann's captain for the last two seasons and has 198 matches and 26 goals for Brann.  The transition has not yet been completed, brann. no will return with more information when it is possibly confirmed. 


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Brann fans generally seem gutted to be losing him. Apparently he was a very important player in the last couple of years after they'd been fucking shite for a while (Although, some are peeved at him for getting sent off against Bodø/Glimt the other day, and possibly flushing their league title chances down the toilet). Supposed to be pretty motivated, passionate, plays for the shirt, etc, etc... Good at set pieces too. I.e. the type of player we could do with.

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1 hour ago, GeorgeStreetReds said:

A 33 year old Shinnie and 33 year old Nilsen in central midfield for us for most of the season is not ideal.

Maybe both won’t play….

You must acknowledge we need strength in midfield (in numbers & playing style?)

Ok, it’s not a long-term signing, but what signings are these days? 
And Thelin knows him well and he’s obviously a player he’s targeted & trusts. 

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