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Horse racing is just luck.


It's corrupt as fuck aswell.


If you like the horses name, or colour of the bib on the jockey - go for it.


Odds count for fuck all in horse racing to be honest.....


Its not corrupt as fuck but trainers do build horse up for certain races etc which can make it seem a lot dodgier than it is.


The flats had a lot of trouble last year with a few jockeys race fixing as well. Like any sport that has a lot of money on it, its open to fiddling. Just look at the cricket...

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I have riverside theatre on a £1 patent, the first horse (Sergent Guibs) lost so in the next 2 races I'm looking for Salut Flo to finish the lucky 15 and the patent and Oscar Whiskey - £2.50 single.


If Salut Flo gets a place I'll get about £110 from the lucky 15 and £41 from the patent. Oscar whiskey will get me another £13.75 So I'm 2 horses away from having a decent day and I've got my money back from todays bets so its nae a bad day already.


Just got a call from Northsound1 as well telling me I'd won a weekend for 2 in a 5* hotel in Edinburgh, food the works chucked in and tickets for the Egyptian exhibition at the national museum :cool:

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Treble of Long run, Moon dice, Boston Bob


E/W Patent of Salsify, Kauto Star, Baby Mix


Single on Synchronised,horse I'm most interested in today, AP has been a bit unlucky by all accounts and should ride this one and get it up there with the big two.


E/W Lucky15, can't remember the horses and can't get back in my account, will post later.


Also just seen that some stable boy stuck

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