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If it was not for their marketing they would not be on the map

It was pure class to make a beer and call it nanny state with zero or little % alcohol after they were told to stop aggressive advertising


Their place in Ellon is much bigger than they had in Fraserburgh and is state of the art

As for their beers some are great but some are gash (tasted quite a lot ) but agree some is overpriced but you can get some of their cheaper stuff from the supermarkets

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BrewDog is shit. Won't ever be drinking it for life.


The Anarchic Alchemist cost a tenner for one bottle of 330ml. It's strong but it's substantially the same taste as the rest.


No ingredients written on the label which makes you wonder what the fuck you're drinking cos it tastes chemically as fuck to my pint of heavy palette. Just the pseudo rebel shit. I can't believe marketing can take such bad beers this far. Good luck to them. At least they're North East.


A shit company ran by left wing radicals, what did you expect, I wouldn't drink that shite if it was free.

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That would be highly destructive for you more than them as they will be insured. If they were to bring out a beer to mark that occasion, it would fit their marketing ethos but it would be too crass, even for them I would imagine.


Sadly I don't think it would be too crass for them


I would say that is the one thing they have got spot on is the marketing though. However it seems that real ale seems to be quite fashionable just now and I do wonder if it will remain popular. Alcopops used to be fashionable and they all, thankfully, died a death once the novelty wore off and everyone moved onto something else. If that happens they could be left with expensive premises with not too much folk interested in actually going to it except your camra members.

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They opened a pub across from Kelvingrove art gallery in Glasgow about a year ago and in all my time passing it most days, it prob changed name about 10 times and was always totally dead, even at weekends. However, now it has the brewdog brand plastered all over it, it mobbed every night. Just shows that their marketing must be pretty spot on.


(I have never been in & have no real urge to, judging by the folk I see hanging around it, so it doesn't work on me) :thumbup1:

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I can't believe that style can prevail over substance for a long enough period of time. That said, and as liking beer is ultimately about taste, their customers must genuinely like their products but can anyone really choose to drink their stuff over a long enough time period?


You may have nailed it with the alcopops reference and the word fashionable. The samey taste is distinguishable but I just can't see it lasting. Marketing can only go so far in this market. The product has to be good enough that people will want to buy it repeatedly.


not when its fashionable it doesnt.


like you said it will need to stand the sternest of tests, that of time.


i doubt it cause it does nothing new. there are literally hunners of brews out there and most of them do a better job than brewdog.

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  • 8 months later...

Scottish brewer BrewDog plans to create 50 new jobs in the next six months after reporting "record growth" in 2013.

The Aberdeenshire-based firm said it was on track to turnover £19m, up from £10.8m in 2012.
BrewDog is also investing £5m in an expansion of its Ellon brewery.
Co-founder James Watt said: "The craft beer revolution has exploded from its niche starting point to an international movement."
Some of the new jobs being created are in management, including head of sales.
Mr Watt said: "We are growing. Fast.
"Our success is a direct result of the awesome team we have built over the past few years."
In June, BrewDog announced has raised more than £1m from investors in just 24 hours after launching a crowdfunding scheme to fund expansion plans.
Crowdfunding is a method of raising equity by asking a large number of people each for a small amount of money, often via the internet.
It has has opened several bars in recent years, including its first international location in Stockholm, Sweden.
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I was in there on Saturday.


It's shite.


Any pub that has folk sitting on laptops like some sort of coffee shop should be shut down.


Anybody who has a laptop in bar should be hit in the throat with a pool queue. Professional gamblers may get a pass on a case by case basis.


I went in there once a couple of years ago it was fucking shite. Left after 10 minutes to go to the Lumpy and annoy Sandy.

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