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What does bother me is folk who instantly label something shite and everyone who likes it wanks because they don't like it. It's rather narrow minded.




Certainly not in my case.


A local compnay, alcohol and of course the opportunity to get involved in something different. Its normally something that would be right up my street (as I'm sure you could imagine)


I went in with high expectations but was highly disappointed by many aspects of the Brewdog experience which I've previously touched on.


Certainly not my scene at all but I do wish them every success.

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I think that's it for me, they've tried so hard to be different that they've ended up being the same as every other brewery around and much like hipsters.

Take it for what it is mini min.

Just beer.


I've learned to ignore the hype and rubbish around them. Just do the same.


If you like their IPAs drink them. If you don't like their stouts, drink someone else's stouts.

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I've no issue with Brewdog as a company, don't like their products that I have tried but happy to see them doing very well.


It's the cunt that need to let everyone know that they drink Brewdog or that someone has bought them shares for their birthday that bother me.


And don't forget the elsuive AGM that they get invited to but still have to pay for everything :clangers2:

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You dinna get the choice up here in Wick so I'm happy to ignore their products for good.


No hipsters around these parts.

Same old rubbish.


You come to one of my terrace beer cafes and try coming out with this man of the people shit and see how long you last.

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I always look suspiciously upon anyone who does not just order a pint of Tennents when they go into a bar and be done with it.


If you start fannying about on what you want, it's likely that you are a bellend in other aspects of your life too.


Dinna trust anyone who disna like a pint of T lager is the moral of the story.

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