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Top Given Names In Scotland


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Not quite his only success. Geldof was paid a milion quid to act as the title character Pink Floyd in The Wall. A million quid in 1979 - fuck, they could've got Trevor Francis to do it for them. For four years. Anyway, when Geldof was first approached to do the acting work for the film his response was, "No, I fucking hate Pink Floyd." When he was told about the renumeration, seconds later he replied, "Where do I sign?"


All a million miles away from the image he seems to portray about wealth.


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Branson is far from being a cunt. Self made multi millionaire who has tried His hand at everything and is now looking to take down sky and bt with there dominance in the sports broadcasting.


Man oh the people ?


Geldoff is a wank, attention seeking serpent!

Fuck RB right in the pussy.


Since he fucked off outta ABZ, flights to Londom have gone back through the roof.


He also used to serve Bombay.



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