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Top Given Names In Scotland


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A Millwall fan has explained his decision to name his baby son Bermondsey Millwall Den Bloomfield without telling his wife first.

Mike Bloomfield, a life-long supporter who now lives in Croydon, told Southwark News he made the decision without the agreement of his wife, Kelly, saying it would be “a good way to get the next generation involved”.
He told the newspaper: “If David Beckham can name his son Brooklyn, then I can name mine Bermondsey. I just love Millwall … One of the women at the registry office was a Millwall fan and she loved it when she saw what we are going to name him. I threatened to do it but I don’t think my wife believed me! I’m not sure how she’s going to react.”
His wife later told the paper the name was “growing on me … He was a bit frightened to come home. I’m coming around to it though and I quite like it. I think he looks a bit like a Bermondsey and it’s definitely unique. I don’t think anyone else has got a name like that.
“The funny thing is that we actually live in Croydon and are surrounded by Crystal Palace fans. Our friends who are Palace fans say that they’re just going to call him Dave instead.”


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Never underestimate the depths to which the human mind will plunge.


He has a point about Beckam. Although Brooklyn does sound 'alright'


This guys obvs thick as pigshit tho to mame his kid that.


What's Coldplays excuse tho?

Or Geldoffs?

Or Sienna and Savannah Millers parents?

Or Nigel Lawson?

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I expect Geldoff was trying to distract folk from the fact that (i) hes a unwashed, tax-dodging cunt who has dined out on one decent single for about 36 years now and (ii) his family are all junkies.


Not quite his only success. Geldof was paid a milion quid to act as the title character Pink Floyd in The Wall. A million quid in 1979 - fuck, they could've got Trevor Francis to do it for them. For four years. Anyway, when Geldof was first approached to do the acting work for the film his response was, "No, I fucking hate Pink Floyd." When he was told about the renumeration, seconds later he replied, "Where do I sign?"


All a million miles away from the image he seems to portray about wealth.

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Fuckin hell Rumpus, not like you to get all menstrual about things. Has Geldof got dirt on you or something?

I had the normal 'Bob Geldof is a cunt' view that Joe Public seems to hold.


Education is everything. After having researched further and reading books on his life and his entangled life with Paula Yates I changed my opinion.


Hope that's OK with you Bri.

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