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Peter Pawlett

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every player was poor and the tactics were rotten


Mcinnes himself has said "We didn't look as if we were ready and we will need to look at that our preparation both mentally and physically." and


"Everywhere we were last week in terms of composed, determined, confident and energetic was lacking from the performance. I need to find out why that was, I take responsibility for that"


so a lot comes down to preparation for this game which was wrong

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If we can find an alternative he's another one I'd not be worried to see leave.


Not sure he's going to reach his previous peak again and if he does I'd suggest he's got more chance to do that at another team.


Offer him to Dundee in a player plus cash deal for Stewart?

Dundee don't have money.

Be happy with a straight swap.

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Hooked at HT last night after being anonymous against a part time side.


I'd get rid before the window closes. He's had more than enough chances to establish himself in this side and he's not taken it. That and he's too injury prone.


He wasn't anonymous.

Anything he did was very poor I thought though.

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Wow, just the four years between posts on this one. And in the four intervening years what has Pawlett achieved? Should have been gone long ago. I have the feeling he's had his last contract, just a question of whether he leaves before it ends or waits it out.

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Part of that was McInnes fault. He should have been playing wide left, but McInnes had him playing on the right hand side. That's not to say Hayes wasn't poor, but his best position is definitely on the left hand side.

McInnes doesn't tell him to control the ball with the outside of his foot that's on the touchline though.

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He looked quite pathetic against Fola... and I always thought he could be a good player for us. He really did look like a lost boy on the pitch.


When is his contract up; end of this season? If so I reckon he'll get the loan at Christmas and seeya treatment. Shame.

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I wonder what the hell happened to him. Was he just a one trick pony?


Seems to have lost his first touch (which was always good), his ability to beat a man and has no confidence.


Was actually getting angry watching his hunchy backed runs and pathetic attempts to get past players in Luxembourg. Is he maybe coming back from a well hidden injury last season?

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