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Club Officially Asking Us To Keep Our Side Of The Bargain

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That's reasonable, I suppose.


They punted the Huns... under duress, I'm sure, bit still, they punted the Huns... so I bought Red TV and have a list of merch shite to acquire from the online store.


I'd also like to get involved in the Red Lottery and maybe just donate some cash... but that's contingent upon them answering my EMail, which they still haven't done.


Kinda sucks that you have to beat this club with a fucking stick to get them to do anything but treat the fans like muppets, but that's been the club's philosophy for quite some time now.


Quid Pro Fucking Quo mean anything?

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Can you just buy the badges without the strip?


I fancy helping out the club but the strip seems like it's too steep a price.


The badges at 6 quid sounds reasonable.


There's all sorts of cheaper items in the club shop. Something for every pocket.

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Yep, picked up a belter of an iPhone cover last week. One days usage in work and already enraged some of the peepil :thumbs:

I've been looking for an afc cover for my Desire HD but to no avail. Thon reed bubble placey (where coincidentally my "Dons Send Gers Down" t-shirt arrived today) had HTC Desire 'eens but nae the HD.

Any help to find one appreciated.

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Fair enough. I'll renew at the next given opportunity. We got what we, as a fanbase, wanted and this may hurt the clubs income so it's fair enough to ask us to make a financial commitment to the club now that this mess has been finally sorted out.

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