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Aberdeen V Celtic

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tickets sold doesnt equal folk through the gate tho! ross county game we sold more than 14k


Aye but there was plenty of folk, me included, who didn't think that attendance figure was right for the County game. Looked like there was way more folk there than was said.


Last home game against Celtic was at the same time of day and got 13,127. 3,922 Celtic fans, so 9205 Dandies.


There was about 7500 Dandies at the home game against Hibs at the same time of day.


Reckon we'll easily get 10k+ home fans.

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I reckon if we win this it will set us up for some big attendances over the winter period. I'm hearing plenty of part timers coming out of the woodwork! Who knows, they might stay around...


You must have good hearing.


Usually folk coming out of the woodwork do so in relative silence.

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In/Out - In

Pre-match - Nigg Bay & Europa Lounge

Match - RDR

Post-match - Europa,then accelerated manglement by alcohol until (hopefully) gradual collapse Sunday am

Predicition - 2-0 Hayes & Rae


Hey, fa' have Hibs got?

I would quite like top spot going into next wiks Easter Road showdown, ken? :itch-chin:


dundee unfortunatly


That count ST that have to be moved though? As I've still to do mine and imagine a fair few others will too.


it doesnt count folk like you

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