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Aberdeen V Killie

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These next two home games are crucial. Need at least 4 points (should be getting 6) to weather the storm and keep our season on track while our players recover from injuries.


Got a bad feeling we'll pick up just two but here's hoping. If we play like we did against Motherwell then there should be no problem but seems to be a serious problem with replicating that sort of performance at Pittodrie.


I'd take a scrappy 1-0 win right now.

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Got asked by my work to stay abroad for an extra few days, so I will miss this one :(


Don't suppose there is a way for someone to use my Season Ticket, since I won't be able to?

Phone the ticket office and get the free friend ticket offer and they can pick it up. :thumbup1:


I'll be there this week in the mainer with my bag o sweeties :tommy:

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Hughes unlikely to make this one now. Anderson expected to be back.


Not sure who would drop out perhaps Robertson on to bench.


He might play Anderson Reynolds & Considine in the back 3

Push Robertson into wide left of the midfield 4, Magennis wide right, drop Shaugnessy?


Who knows - just wish we had one or two centre mids available so Vernon didn't have to play there.

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Being able to stand helped too in my opinion.


Been given complimentary tickets for this in the DD lower somewhere so my vacated seats will be occupied by my bro.

Only the third time I've ever been in the big Dick stand. I don't like it.

The RDL is ok mate, i used to be a season ticket holder in the RDU but glad i changed it tbh

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Killie player took the ball wide, away from goal, so is that the ref not making a cock of it? Not a clear goalscoring opportunity.

This is the ref that disallowed a perfectly good goal for Arbroath the other night.

Useless bald cunt.

At least that loud mouthed cunt Shiels won't be whingeing about refs now.

Pretty much as above


But would add Millie player ran over half pitch with ball and changers only one to get within 2 foot of it.

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Not much we can do until our injury problems clear up. Just got to take this dip in form on the chin. We really need Hughes, Jack & Osbourne back asap, or this slide will get worse.


I hope CB is looking at a new keeper, right back & a striker in Jan, but I doubt we'll much if any transfer activity.

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