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Aberdeen Casuals

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Casuals scene is almost totally dead.I think there is still a few of the older lads that go but now it seems to be just a bunch of young boys tarted up in stone island who has probably never seen a fight let alone been in 1.



1 and only post on the topic, not being dragged into a massive argument and all that pish.


Although the person who posted this is a clown an absolute clown.


Good Day.


Come on you REDS

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Hark at the mouthy weegie.


You wouldn't get it anyway.


ABERDEEN Football Club.


is this going to be another "only aberdonians should support Aberdeen" rant?


Which is rather funny considering you allude to being a casual, and if you are, you would know about lads from the Glasgow area who have been casuals for years and years. But, why let facts get in the way of anything?

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the asc are no more although some ex-group members still go to games together now and again for old times sake. the younger lads aren't asc. think they call themselves 'aberdeen youth' or something of the sort.


everything has it's time. a beginning and an end.

Hasn't that union flag got something to do with some of the older boys that still go to games themself?

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