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Parity for Women's Football

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9 hours ago, The Gee Man said:

England need to beat Scotland for GB to have a team at Olympics ! It’s a bloody English team at Olympics anyway! Come on Scotland 

This is a ridiculous situation, there are players in the Scotland team that could be desperate to go to the Olympics and can only get there if Scotland lose against England.

I'm not saying they would throw the game, however it could put doubts in folks minds if a cheap goal is given away or a chance is missed.

Scrap this whole Team GB shite.

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On 12/2/2023 at 10:34 AM, Roberto said:

Oh I agree (we all do) but Scotland are miles behind England in the women's game. So it'll be a GB team at the Olympics.


45 minutes ago, Ohjimmyjimmy said:

Guff wimmen currently beating Scotland wimmen 0-4.

Not lying down though, just pish. 

Yeah... we all knew that was coming. Englandshire pumped money into it. Streets ahead of most teams in the women's game.

Scotland are rather embarrassing.

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That was utterly embarrassing pish tonight. Should see the manager told to fuck off and at least half a dozen of these stupid burds told that they'll never pull on a Scotland shirt again. 

It was honestly like wee lassies run around a public park chasing a ball. 

Thank fuck that NL got that goal, because now dinnae have to handle this virtue signalling, sycophantic shite that follows England's women's team round like flies to a turd. 


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5 minutes ago, Ohjimmyjimmy said:

Mary Earps SPOTY for absolutely fuck all.


The media hype surrounding the women’s game and in particular the “Lionessessess” is sickening and perhaps worse than the England men’s team.

That’s two years on the trot for this outdated ‘competition’ - bout time it got binned.

Another box ticked. World has well & truly gone mad.

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2 minutes ago, Kincardine_Mearns_Red said:

Should be banned, something very wrong with "womens football".

To be fair anything that gets girls access to any sport is to be praised but let's not pretend it's the same game being played to the same standard. The BBC show it to a) tick a box and b) make up for not having men's football. Football Focus last week had no mention of our League Cup Final as it's not part of the woke exercise.

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28 minutes ago, Dons21 said:

As much as Joey Barton is a moronic cunt. I kind of have to agree with some of his tweets. The one today about scoring 100 pens in a row against Mary Earps twice on a Sunday was mildly amusing for him. 

Not as amusing as the clip of him sending a pen for Man City into orbit. Barton is a clown and a mink. Calling her a sack of spuds was funny though.

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Here's how I see it...

Let folk play sport and fund it if it gets to a certain level of popularity.

I love football. My hero is Cruyff, he said, "let the people come to the stadium and... enjoy themselves."

Rest in peace, the Bob Dylan of fitba. The Dutch are almost as weird as we are. Almost.

"If I wanted you to understand, I would have explained myself better."

- Cruyff to some journalist cunt


Cruyff helped handicapped kids play sport through his foundation, a project that has helped kids in Aberdeen, all over the Earth. To me, the greatest sport is wheelchair basketball, it's so against the grain, playing basketball in a fucking WHEELCHAIR, the guy who came up with THAT was so out to lunch that he might as well have been on the Death Star eating caviar in some sort of ultimate LSD trip that would make Dennis Hopper convert to... working with Keanu Reeves in a film about a bus.

No, 100% for women's football. Wee girls love it, dream of it and what dreams may come when one day, wee Annie McManus may blast a legendary free-kick into the the top corner against the Guffs in the World Cup in the 2031 World Cup at Wembley and many a long, long, loooooong story will be told around the pubs, living-rooms of Scotland. And as elegies.

Football is about dreams. Let the lassies dream. 

We let the men do it. We'll go piling over there into Germania this summer and show these soft, tackle-shirking poseurs what manly, smelly, stinking, SCOTTISH FOOTBALL IS FUCKING ALL ABOUT! Play a record, something with a crescendo...


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I see Sam Kerr has done her ACL and there’s record numbers of women in football getting this injury. 

one commentator says it’s because women are afraid to bulk up muscle because of their perceived image whilst another says it’s because football boots aren’t made for women and they’re causing the injuries. 

If that’s the case, why do you have to play football then? Go back to dancing and stuff.



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