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Dads Weekly Treble - The Condensed Version

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1 hour ago, Poodler said:

What the actual fuck is that ^^^ 


do you use a mobile to read the hat, Dad? The above is not mobile friendly.


will stick a blue lady on this since it’s the biggy but I’m concerned that you’ve doubled it. Chances were poor enough prior


1 hour ago, Roberto said:

Headache that 

Aye here sorry hombres; laptop action that was ✌️


Looks better on Reddit but 👍

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1 hour ago, shut up meg said:

What was the scores?

I'm going for 2 wins, 2 draws, and 2 losses, it's the dad way.

Worse son: 1 win, 3 draws, 2 losses.


New methodology being adopted from here on ✌️

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So without further ado, please allow Dad to unveil the next offering in this epic journey searching for the ultimate in terrific - Easy Livin':

IT'S DWT201 🙌🙌

DWT REPRESENTATIVE Opponent Kick-Off Time Odds
WREXHAM🟢🟢🟢🔴🟢 crewe 🔴🟢🟡🔴🟡 12:30 GMT 6/5
CHARLTON 🟡🟡🟢🟡🟡 shrewsbury 🟡🔴🔴🟡🟡 15:00 GMT 10/11
MANSFIELD 🟢🟢🟢🔴🔴 gillingham 🟢🔴🔴🟡🟢 15:00 GMT 4/7
DWT ODDS: 5.6/1      



  • Won five o' the last 6, scoring 17 goals in that spell

  • Spirits high as fuck after securing back-2-back promotions

  • Opponents crewe have fallen to fucking pieces, winning just 1 o' their last 7

Dad's limiting these tidbits o' terrific to 3... but seriously - could go on all day wi' Wrexham-related superlatives. 10 goals in just the last 2 for the love o' fuck... the shooting boots are strapped the fuck on. Doesnae bode well for a crewe team who let 3 shit by them last time out, to shitey Grimsby (comparatively ✌️), at home. Markers laid the day for next seasons assault on League 1... expect a demolition 🪧 (Early Kick Off mind 👍).



  • Unbeaten in 13 - a run that includes encounters versus all o' the top 3 (a win & 2 draws)

  • Havenae conceded a goal to opponents shrewsbury in last four meetings

  • Opponents shrewsbury winless in 5

Fitting it seemed to include Charlton in this, the inaugural outing o' the newly assured DWT Setup. A team Dad hath championed oft 'n' well since the Nate Jones Era began... the form hath been fucking outstanding 🙌. Despite all that, the wins on their own patch have struggled a smidge to ingnite; keen they'll be therefore, to give their terrific fans a taster o' what's to come next term: victories a fucking plenty 🤘



  • On a current run o' 3 wins on the trot

  • Spirits high after finally securing promotion out this fucking league

  • Opponents gillingham wi' just 1 win in 5 on the road, scoring just 1 goal

Had their blip Mansfield, which cost them dearly in the chase for potential League Topping... but for sure - promotion is a delightful consolation 🙌. Much the same scenario as Wrexham: Keen as mustard to ram home that message: We are Ready for Bigger. A tough game on paper... but the arse hath collapsed in terms o' gillinghams consistency - a 5-1 cunting by Harrogate kinda spells that pish out. Rampancy inbound 👊


Frustration at the amount won, is better than the heartache at the amount lost.

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1 hour ago, Roberto said:

Contemplating the ton here dad such is the manner of you finally getting the shit together.

The sentiment is humbling ♥️

Given it's the first o' many - a case maybes for slicing that down to DF levels (20) to allow the capital to build up a smidge; a few weeks from now, you'll likely have a hundred to spare probably 😎 


Happier to be called a cunt for a lessened return rather than lost expenditure ✌️

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11 minutes ago, Ten Caat said:

Charlton match is my only concern given how many draws they've had this season.

But Wrexham and Mansfield look dead certs so I'll give it a go

7.61/1 with the ladbrokes boost. 

Tenner down

Terrific return 👍 


Twenty or more shots on target last couple; attack is really starting to gel 👍 

Just o'er a year ago Charlton won this same fixture 6-0 btw - happy belated birthday, Terrific Victory 🎂


Off the page 

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3 hours ago, Roberto said:


Went all in in support Dad.

You've bad luck aura about you in the gambling game.

Did make an 80 quid return on other things so not too much damage done.

Aye here - apologies son 🤚 


The first o' a new era... A wee double off the bat; the better gones next week probably 👍

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7 minutes ago, Torry Tosser said:

Had a nice wee £10 treble yesterday £79 to pick up,over 2.5 goals.

Partick v Airdrie 

Montrose v Hamilton 

Clyde v Stenhousemuir.

Terrific 😎 

Some joy at least amongst all the heartache 😭

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5 minutes ago, Dad said:

Terrific 😎 

Some joy at least amongst all the heartache 😭

My English one 2.5 goals

Was Walsall v Bradford 

Oldham Wealdstone ..both up.

Charlton v Shrews let me down 1-1 whole second half that would have been another £88...Still cant grumble.

Done German Bundesliga 2 today,treble 2.5 goals they kick off at 12.30.

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