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Afc Store Launch/adidas

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I have to say looking at the photos of the store and launch looks fantastic. Well done to AFC's marketing and backroom team for making this happen, I will be proud to wear the top next season and might even but the track top for fives, something I haven't done for years.




Finally a store and apparel to be proud of lets get the team sorted and with the new stadium around the corner things might just be looking up for the dons.

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Anyone on here bought the mini kit for their loon? If so can you tell me if this one will be adidas sponsored rather than the non branded nike ones they used to have?


My nephew (nearly two) seems to be more receptive to the colour green so I'm going to get him his second Dons kit to let him know where he stands.

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Never seen any Aberdeen shop as busy as this. Queuing from the till along the windowed and back wall past the ticket office opening. Shop looks affa tidy. Plenty stock and you could spend a scary amount on some smart stuff. Well done AFC!

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glad to hear that the shop itself has been very busy today, but..... the online shop is sh*t!!, half the items have no pics, doesnt seem to be a full range online, and the pics that are there are pretty poor quality, hoefully these are just glitches and it will all be up and running properly nest week, also my only day off for the next 2 weeks is sunday and the shop is closed!!!!!

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