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Top Given Names In Scotland


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If by ''not as common'', you mean the frequency with which it occurs in the population relative to all other names in the population, then i would disagree. Your name is common as muck mate. It was number 12 in this years list:


1) Lilly


2) Emily


3) Isabella


4) Sophia


5) Isabelle


6) Sophie


7) Ava


8) Grace


9) Ruby


10) Freya


11) Lucy


12) Niall


13) Evie


14) Jessica


15) Amelia



Still a 11 other names more popular than it and i bet most of those 'Niall' actually pronounce it 'Neil' if they do then they are cunts.



Was there any male names more popular on that list ?



FFS. :hysterical: :hysterical:



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good argument :nutter:

It is, thanks, see I don't know of many Nialls that pronounce it that way, I know a few who call themselves neil but spell it Niall.


Was there any male names more popular on that list ?

No, but that's not the point.


congrats CD! Cracking Xmas present for you!


Can I just ask, is Theo pronounced as "Neil"?!

You'd be surprised at the amount of people who have called me Neil or asked if that was how you pronounce my name, even my psychologist asked if i was 'Neil' and said that 'Niall' isn't that popular.

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