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Is he the solution to our goalkeeping problem? Probably not. But certainly should be given the opportunity and for people to write him off after 45 minutes is ridiculous

I watched him at Peterhead as well and he couldn't control his box, positioning was crap, kicking - there was non. And that's against Peterhead!

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he should get the hearts and alloa games without a second thought given to long term - come back on the day of st johnstone game and then discuss



Hearts yes - but I wouldn't say now I would give him the alloa game - we need to play our best side in the cups not pander to some belief that we can see if a goalkeeper who is supposedly experienced but look like a bag of nerves is any good


No where near convinced - if he didn't wear a yellow shirt you would have hardly known he was in the penalty box and basically got hit by the ball to make a save and distribution of the ball was awful and that is in comparison to Langfield!

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Fuck me, first competitive game time in ages and some are writing him off, some fans are just absolute spastics.



Poor cunt had to come on for a pen just as a sell out crowd is hitting a very low ebb.


I will judge him fairly against Hearts but I very much doubt he'll be bad enough to think we should have Clangers back in goal.

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