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Always thought he had superb talent but his balsa wood physique was letting him down. Then his propensity to fall over when another player was near him.


Seems to have sorted out both his fragility and that diving nonsense this season. Very good to see him running with the ball and he seems to really fit well as the driving central midfielder.


If he's got less than 18 months on his contract, get him another one in front of him.

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His contract should be renewed immediately, or else he will be snapped up if he keeps up this good form.


Agree. If he continues to improve which I think he will then clubs will definitely come in for him. He's obviously being advised well, he's had faith showed in him, he's listening to the coaching staff and he's working his socks off and he deserves a lot of credit for that. No coincidence that he's upped his game so much and I think he can get better and better. Think McInnes obviously rates him and sees him as a big part of his plans so hopefully he'll get tied to the club for a good while.

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Good read that.


& Pawlett although we all seen in the past he was decent & hated his bloody constant injuries, he's really starting to become the player we all hoped we had.


He a fantastic player to watch in the middle of the park (& he does get about) & we really need to get him tied to a new deal asap.

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Couldn't agree any more with something.


Spot on.


It's been great to see him this season. Even in a few of those gifs you see moments where last season he'd have flung himself down. This season it's brilliant to see his attitude, never mind anything else. His skill was always there but his attitude (and physicality) was always suspect.


Please don't let him slip away to someone else for sweetie money Aberdeen...

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In any case, its not like England are going to be rapping on the door with the likes of Ross Barkley, Wilshire etc. who are roughly the same age as pee paw, and much better than him. He qualifies for Scotland but I reckon wont be in a team until he's over 25 - with Jack in the Scotland team, that is Aberdeen's quota of players in the national squad filled.


Pawlett will have left Aberdeen due to this reason in less than four years time.

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What a difference in a player this season, always thought he had ability but I think hes featured in every game so far, which is unheard of. Been excellent this season. The change in him only needs to be shown, at reading the start of this thread and the posts about him. Everyone basically everyone writing him off, which to be fair was understandable.

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